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James Whale feat. Ash

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The Real Offside Podcast

Fridays during the Premier League season
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Podcasts, Interviews and all sorts
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Podcasts, Interviews and all sorts

James Whale feat. Ash -

James Whale feat. Ash

Full episodes, clips and podcasts of the greatest radio show in the world

Ash Gould on the Real Offside Podcast -

The Real Offside Podcast

Ash shares his wise, wordly musings on the world of football and boxing

Ash Gould on the James Whale Radio Show podcast -

James Whale Podcast

Ash joins James for a chat on one of his excellent weekly podcast episodes

Ash Gould and Jonny Gould -

Brothers Gould Interviews

Interviews with Israeli illusionist/magician Uri Geller, boxer Richard Dunn and BMSF Chairman Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills

Late Night Iain Lee -

Late Nights with Iain Lee

Ash is interviewed about life, radio and everything in between

Ash -

Audio Clip

Ash reads a letter to his eighteen year old self

Ash Gould -

Audio Clip

Ash isn't happy about the treatment of Olympic silver medallists

Ash Gould and Ian Collins -

Audio Clip

Ash calls Phil Hilton for a Christmas dare whilst working on Ian Collins and the Creatures of the Night

Ash and Jonny Gould -

Audio Clip

Ash and brother Jonny pitch business ideas to a successful entrepreneur

Ash Gould Periscope -


Directed by Asher Gould

Ash Gould and Tommy Boyd -

The Human Zoo

Clips featuring Ash from Tommy Boyd's classic talkSPORT show (2000 - 2002)

James Whale and Ash Gould talkSPORT -

James Whale

A couple shows of James Whale with Ash producing in the talkSPORT days and some bonus assorted goodies

The Ash Show feat. James Whale -

The Ash Show feat. James Whale

The roles are reversed as Ash takes the controls